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Pisces Tarot Prediction for year 2011

Pisces Tarot Prediction for Year 2016

February 20- March 20

Lucky Number – 6

Lucky Dates – 15, 24, 6

Lucky Color – Soft Sea Green, Pure White, Mauve, Silver

Lucky Day – Thursday

Lucky Birth Stone – – Moon Stone, Amethyst, Aquamarine

Lucky Season - Early Spring

Outcome Card of the Year: The Devil

The year 2014 will be more focused on an adverse or negative cycle of events where problems seem to multiply. Initial five months would be favorable in all aspects of life but It will be a battle time period after that to succeed, because your success or advancement is going to be blocked for the time being. Middle of this year will not bring a good time to push for results, You will have major financial difficulties and unexpected losses resulting from adverse conditions, but you’ll soon have the opportunity to make more money after the month of September onwards, so don’t worry. Your relations are absolutely absorbed by the material world unlike your Pisces nature and may be stuck in a greedy and self-absorbed mindset. The ‘Devil’ can warn against trying to use money or power in relationships, platonic or romantic. At the same, it is hard for you to let go of this need for more and you may feel trapped and depressed. Avoid too much of traveling in the initial six months of 2014. Your desire to get more things may have caused you to work too much and now you are facing physical and emotional & physical exhaustion.

Divya’s Advice :

This is not a propitious time for any new venture, and a rash decision could result in loss. It will also be very hard for you to keep the faith and not get sucked into negative thinking or race-conscious beliefs. In spite of everything, you will learn something from the experience, and for that you will be grateful. Don't forge ahead blindly. Slow down, plan carefully, and proceed with caution.

Have a Blessed year !!

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